$149.50 per 4 Liter

Clearstar Coatings

ClearShield Production Clear Semi-gloss 4 Liter

Product Code: CST-WBCSG10154L

Product Overview

ClearShield® is your first choice for all non-water-sensitive applications. We created ClearShield® using state-of-the-art resins and ultraviolet inhibitors that protect the substrate, ink, and the clear coating itself. These non-yellowing clear coatings have excellent exterior durability and are highly flexible.

Use ClearShield® on most substrates, including waterproof canvas, vinyl, banners, fiberglass, wood, metal, plastic, and paper. You can apply it over solvent-based inks and most water-based paint systems.


Brand NameClearshield
Colour Fade Extension6 months
ManufacturerClearstar Coatings
Product AvailabilityS
Product FamilyCST-WBC-1015
Unit Of Measure4 Liter
Weight10 lb


  • Fleet Graphics
  • Long-term Signage
  • Vehicle Wrap

Print Methods

  • Eco-Solvent Inkjet
  • Thermal Transfer

Comments for the CST-WBC-1015 line

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  • Jacob

    Jul 23, 2019

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